luxury vinyl plank

Is Vinyl Plank Better Than Wooden Plank?

Who doesn’t want a wooden plank? After all, once the final nail or staple has been placed, the wooden flooring is looking pretty good. It is generally aesthetically pleasing to the eye and all other associated senses. But there are those in the know that would much rather go in for vinyl flooring. On the surface, the luxury vinyl plank carries the same positive effect that a luxury wooden plank would. For starters, it looks pretty much exactly the same!

luxury vinyl plank

Until such time that the observant eye is able to look a little more closely and notice the distinct difference. That it is not looking at wood. It is looking at vinyl. Not to put a damper on the use of wood – it is still very much valued and remains in vogue – but for many, the use of vinyl could turn out better for any number of reasons as these relate to the customer’s requirements, whether in business, in public service or even at home.

It also relates to how the customer generally performs within his or her business environment. It rubs off onto consumer behavior as well. More than enough rough and ready wear and tear could be expected. Perhaps it is even deliberate although to all practical intents and purposes, that is not always a good idea. Vinyl can withstand numerous knocks and scrapes. Of course, it always helps if the business or property owner is doing his or her part to keep the flooring clean and well maintained at all times.

Unlike wood or concrete, the vinyl surface need never get scratched. It need never lose its shine. One popular reason for sticking it out with vinyl remains that of cost-effectiveness, more affordable into the long term.